lunedì 22 dicembre 2008


We wish you all Merry Christmas and happy new year !

domenica 7 dicembre 2008

Meeting the teachers

On 24th November we met the coordinators of our school partners. They came to Alcamo to visit our school, then we had the opportunity to interview them and ask them questions about their countries, cultures and students, of course.
It was the first time we had this experience that's why we were excited.

I think it was a positive experience because we had the possibility to learn about cultural diversity. Lo Bue Mariella IVA SS

It was a positive experience because we had the possibility to compare our cultures.
Roberta Renda IVA SS

They talked about their country and I'm happy to have had this new experience.It was a positive experience because it helped us to understand the importance of communicating with the foreigners and the cultural diversity that exists in the world. Mariangela Garracci IVA SS

I think this experience has enriched us and helped to understand the duynamics of diversity. Deborah Dattolo IVA SS

Thanks to this experience we can learn to live together with people of different cultural and ethnic background. Jessica Orlando IVA SS

It was funny and pleasant and it enriched my knowledge. Carmela Di Lorenzo and Marianna D'Angelo IVASS

It was a beautiful day, the teachers showed us some power-point presentations of their countries and we asked them questions. Federica Dara IVASS

Welcome party at "Castello dei Conti di Modica"

We organized a welcome party at the "Castle of Modica Counts".
We brought typical Sicilian dishes we had cooked at home: pignulata, cassata, panelle and many more. We tried to do our best to show them what Sicilian hospitality is. We also showed the power-point presentations about our school, Sicily and Alcamo. We were excited and in the end satisfied with what we had been able to do. We are sure the teachers appreciated our efforts and enjoyed their stay here in Sicily.

Discovering Trapani and its province

Trapani, Erice, Segesta, Castellammare del Golfo and Scopello. Discovering Trapani province