lunedì 20 aprile 2009


I enjoyed myself in Slovenia, I met new friends (Tomach and Sonja) they are very friendly and nice. I love so much Portrose because it was sunny and there was the sea... IRENE 2°B scienze sociali

The trip was fantastic. It was the first time I took the plane!!! Exciting! The welcome party was nice. Lubljana is a beatiful city, Bled is fascinating, Portorose
is so sunny!!!!!! Chiara Filippi scienze sociali 2/b

I had a great time...the school was interesting.I met new people. young people were very nice.Annalisa Elettrico 2B scienze sociali

We met students coming from different countries and compared our works. I liked Slovenia especially Portrose. In Bled we saw the wonderful lake with the island.
I liked the cities, they were clean and quiet.
Deborah IVA social sciences

A funny and interesting experience! It allowed me to learn about the culture and lifestyle of Slovenia. An unforgettable experience that confirms the fact that we have to VALUE DIVERSITY !!!!!!
Marianna IV Social Sciences

I had a great time! I saw a lot of monuments, spoke English and I think this experience will be useful in my future.
Denise IVA Social sciences